Why Leaders, Managers and Consultants Fail...


The AD-FITTM Process provides outcome-based solutions for any professional. 

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Why Coaches Fail

This short book is based on my global research in organizational leadership.  Learn why leaders, managers and consultants fail.  Learn how YOU can succeed.

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Outcome-based solutions

The AD-FIT coaching protocol was trademarked because our Action Learning Associates, LLC, clients asked, "What really works?"   Click on this 90 second whiteboard animation for the details.

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"Leaders practice leadership, just as lawyers practice law and physicians practice medicine." 

           Doug Gray, PhD, PCC


We create competitive advantage for business leaders.

All individual or team coaching starts with assessments of your strengths, defining a meaningful outcome or result, and key metrics using the AD-FIT™ process. 

Our clients demand outcome-based solutions.  Just like you.


What are you waiting for?

Action leads to learning.


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