Why Coaches Fail and How Coaches Like YOU Can Succeed (Video Course)


Why you need to take this course...

The market for "professional coaching" and "consulting" is crowded. 

Buyers are confused.  

Coaches are underpaid. 

And practitioners often act unethically.

Our research confirmed that coaches and consultants fail when they

1) lose focus or

2) lack competence.   

The purpose of this short course is to help you become a more successful coach or consultant.   

The problem: 

Internal and external coaching lacks rigorous measurement, evidence-based protocols and standard processes. 

The result is chaos in the marketplace.

The solution is described in this course.  

FYI, there are three "secrets" that are described at length in this AD-FITTM certification course.

You do NOT NEED secrets.

You NEED answers.

Let's reveal the three critical needs of ALL successful coaches or consultants LIKE YOU to succeed:

1.  An experienced mentor/ coach/ consultant.  That's my role.  I will share the content you need to be more successful.

2.  A community of accountability partners or learners.  That's your role.  I will share invitations to my digital communities.  You will choose to do the work, or not.   Individuals do not win by themselves.  Teams win.

3.  An evidence-based process.  That's why we trademarked the AD-FITTM course.  Our client's asked us, "What works?"  Then we validated it in our research with global executive coaches and consultants in multiple business sectors. 

This course will give you the content you need to be an outcome-based coach or consultant.  

It is my role to share the AD-FITTM process.  It is your role to experiment and apply the process.

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